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The info from ITLT meeting is mostly useless and ITLT do not care or have no power to make any of the desired changes. So talk to talk is the easiest thing to do in those meetings. Don’t put false hope on them.

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Please stop these ITLT meetings!

Question to ITLT: Why did we lose all the best talent in P66.

A. We are not a IT Tech company, they all left for real ones AWS Microsoft Cisco, etc
B. Not a fun enjoyable rewarding place to be.

  1. More work Flexibility, WFH options
  2. More money

E. All of the Above
Answer that question in your next Meeting

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October 1st for IT , HR BP and Shawn were kissing each other’s bu-t today. As usual they won’t give any answers.

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Any news on who is going and who is staying now that the top levels are having their conversations with their mangers?

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