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Meta's problems

  1. The age problem

If you have children, you’ve probably noticed that they prefer other social media platforms. To many of them, Facebook is for older people — which is not exactly a recipe for growth. Helen Lewis of The Atlantic, among others, has described the platform as “Boomerbook.”

  1. The innovation problem

“The company just doesn’t appear to know how to invent successful new stuff,” Farhad Manjoo of Times Opinion has written. “Most of its biggest hits — not just two of its main products, Instagram and WhatsApp, but many of its most-used features, like Instagram Stories — were invented elsewhere. They made their way to Facebook either through acquisitions or, when that didn’t work, outright copying.”

  1. The metaverse problem

Zuckerberg feels so strongly that the metaverse — based around the world of virtual-reality, or VR — represents the future of the internet that he renamed the company after it.

“It’s been almost a year since Facebook rebranded itself Meta and announced its big push into the metaverse, and there aren’t a lot of big, obvious wins to show for it,” Kevin said. “VR is still pretty niche, and it’s not clear how much usage apps like Horizon Worlds are getting. (Although, if any Meta employees are reading this, I would love to know!)”

  1. The antitrust problem

Some Meta supporters argue that the company’s recent struggles prove that it isn’t the omnipotent force that its critics claim — and that the federal government should go easy on it. But I think that claim misses what’s really going on.

The company has become less dominant partly because both the Trump and Biden administrations have taken a tougher stance toward mergers.

“If Mark Zuckerberg could acquire his way out of this problem, as he did by buying Instagram back in 2012, he absolutely would,” Kevin said. “But regulators, at least under this administration, aren’t going to let him.”

One example: The Federal Trade Commission, led by Lina Khan, who has called for tougher antimonopoly policies, is trying to block Meta’s acquisition of Within, a VR fitness start-up. Khan and her colleagues worry Meta may be trying to prevent future competitors from forming by buying them first.

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a lot of id--tic replies on here including original post

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I heard they will have a clothing store where people can buy clothes for their avatar

So they are going into Dolls & Toys business. At least it is something real. If they make money from doll clothes it is fine with me. Though, this reminds of the attempts of various online providers to make money just before the DotCom bubble burst. There used to be an online retailer which initially was huge success but went underwater with the Bubble burst:
The common tune with Meta is the business model filled with holes as the article states.

I am afraid something quite interesting will happen with Meta sooner rather than later.

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  1. Facebook decided to be an echo chamber for ideologues. Facebook is no longer a platform where people can share openly. In USA that is more than half the country (no JB did not get 81m votes). So they moved to other platforms. Facebook is dying. Meta will just be a ho-e to toss money in. I heard they will have a clothing store where people can buy clothes for their avatar. Terrible.
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