Thread regarding W.B. Mason layoffs

Let's Make this POSITIVE!!!!

What's everyone doing POST WB ?
Where are you working?
Are you happier?
How's your boss?
Would you ever go back to WB?

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to the guy making twice as much...
Are you in sales?

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Much happier post WB Mason. Making twice as much today as I did at WB. Twice the vacation time, as well.

Every former WB employee that I've spoken to is happier today.

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positive : that mason leadership cheated employees .

positive : that mason leadership does not care about employees

positive : that mason lies to customers

positive : that the class action lawsuits will cost mason a lot of $$$.

they had a chance to come out of the furlough situation as a “ victim of the times “. Instead, they are the villian( look at all the commissions lawsuits )


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