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Discouraged from looking for a new job

I assume that most of you are looking for new opportunities because working here is getting worse and worse. Either I'm not lucky enough, or it's not so easy to get a better job right now. What are your experiences like?

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Remove broadcom from your resume. Many companies toss Broadcom candidates straight into the trash. A job gap is seen better by some hiring managers. Broadcom is where people can be lazy, political and working on crusty old 90's tech stack. Would you hire that person?

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Skills, age, domain, and other intangibles matter…

If you’re in software side of business…Broadcom doesn’t exactly have a strong reputation…

As others have said, the party’s over and it’s a buyers market now. Good luck, I left pre-Covid though…

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Spend some time thinking about exactly the job you want.
The best way in is to get referred directly by someone but blindly applying onl ine can work too if you have a fit for the job opening requirements.
Good luck.

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The time to get out was months ago and I am so glad I did. It took a long time even during a good hiring situation.

Things are different now. The economy is in recession and companies are more picky. The market will also get many more job seekers after 70% of VMware gets ravaged. If you want a change, do it as soon as possible.

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