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Quiet quitting

Have you thought about quiet quitting?

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Very well said. This is......tiring.

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Someone please anonymously send the Board of Directors a link to this website. Send through snail mail to keep anonymous.

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Even the contractors are leaving. They are burned out from having to try the carry the load without the deep systems knowledge of those who have already left.

Sadly, CareFirst will try to hire its way out this. Though, from what I have heard, even some new hires are not staying more than a few months before deciding that this is not the right place for them.

As for the board of directors, I doubt that they know or care about what is happening.

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This is a depressing thought. No one wants to quietly quit. They want to give it their all but have had too many senior led disappointments were people frankly give up. Many have already “quietly quit” after losing colleagues to competitors offering better pay, full time remote work, superior benefits, and no geographic restrictions on where that remote work occurs. Those colleagues are often not replaceable. Those who remain are left the clean up the mess, with leadership literally fearing one more key departure would cause an operational implosion - literally.

The executive leadership had seriously best take a hard look at today’s job market reality in the DMV area and do what it can to compete.

This is not the voice of bitterness, but a true call for a gut check at the top levels. If someone’s idea of attract and retain talent as a benefit is an employee paid 401K annual 1% escalator, they have sorely missed the mark.

Talent is hemorrhaging. Operations are becoming impossible. At some point, a company can offer all the benefits they like but in the end, a job is only worth keeping for personal satisfaction, career advancement, and financial security. Sadly snd no matter how much some want to think all is well, the company has become a pariah - truly a place to slowly wither and die from a career standpoint.

It need not be that way with the right people at the helm. Board of Directors - please look inward and see the real picture. Literally thousands of associates are desperate for help and a fresh change.

In all seriousness, this is an urgent SOS for help.

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