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Lincoln Tech and the GI Bill (The Movie "Breaking")

It could have happened at any school? Or could it? Lead generators like EducationDynamics, aggressive enrollment, were they involved? If so, should anyone feel even a little guilt?

"In addition to stints in a VA mental hospital, Brian had enrolled in computer classes at Lincoln College of Technology just months before the episode at the bank."

"The Breaking movie true story reveals that he had received his last payment of $892 from the VA on June 1st and was expecting his next payment to be deposited on July 1st. When it didn't show up in his account, he started to wonder if it was a tuition issue. After visiting the college, a counselor got him an appointment with the VA's regional benefits office."

"According to a VA spokesperson, Easley "was extremely agitated and belligerent" when he arrived at the appointment, so much so that he had to be briefly placed in handcuffs. When he calmed down, they explained to him that his payment had been recouped because he'd failed to complete college courses, and as a result, the courses were no longer covered by the GI Bill tuition assistance program. Easley said that he would return with the proper paperwork to set up a payment plan but never came back."

The VA claims that it had mailed Easley five letters regarding the tuition issue, but they never heard back. This isn't a surprise given that Easley was bouncing around a lot during that time.

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Here's the trailer to Breaking. It has more than 3 million views. Imagine if they had mentioned Lincoln Tech.

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"Although **** said Lincoln staffers tried to help Easley with the VA, the school has drawn criticism in the past for an apparent indifference to the welfare of its students. “The programs are costly, more than twice as much as at local community colleges,” the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee the committee wrote in a 2012 report, 'and Lincoln makes virtually no investment in student services despite enrolling the students most in need of these services.' The committee said student retention and loan repayment rates were among the worst it had seen, and the report concluded, 'Although the majority of students leave the company’s schools with no degree or diploma, the company also receives increasing amounts of Federal taxpayer dollars and profit.'"

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