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Are CW Full Stack Web Developers Less Likely To Be Laid Off?

Been working at HP for about four years prior to the pandemic as a full stack web developer under an indefinite contract through a couple staffing firms, and I’m still here. Do you think this is a fair indication that my role is somewhat “recession proof”?

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Non-CW here but I'm on a team with a lot of CWs. I think what makes CWs "recession proof" is the amount of stakeholders your team has and/or how many are on a particular team.

For instance, our team does a lot testing to provide our sales teams a lot of information when communicating with the customer. We also provide that data for engineering and marketing for their future design.

If you let go the CWs on my team, you would be left with a few non-CWs who don't have the training to run those tests. The non-CWs, including myself, on my team serve completely different functions.

Therefore, if you layoff all of CWs in the team, you've practically dissolved most of the scope under this team. Our stakeholders range internally and externally. Since our contribution directly impacts sales for HP, getting rid of us would be extremely difficult to justify. Our director, in my opinion, will always invest in this team.

That being said, ask yourself these questions to really determine if you individually, have value to the company as a CW:

Can you be replaced? Is your performance considerably good? Do you get a lot of feedback for your work? Is there always work to do? Are your executives constantly investing this solution you're developing? Who are your stakeholders? Why is your work important?

If your development work is absolutely critical to our customers for better experience and if it helps drive sales, you are probably safe. The bottom line of HP can become abundantly clear the more people you see getting laid off.

I recently saw a director of HR at HP get laid off. What can that tell you?

Good luck!

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I am also a CW that is coming up on 5 years at HP. Another worker from the same agency has been here 10 years. That being said, we have both seen many CW's let go over the years. It all depends on your given set of skills and the amount of expertise you have. That and the fact you don't sc--w over HP by taking really long breaks and using the company computers to enhance your own personal business. Worked with one CW who did just that. He was a former HP long term employee that got hired as a CAD drafter. I would hardly see him at his desk and when he was there he was designing stuff for "his company" to make and sell. It took HP years and years to wise up and finally let him go.

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