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Stain on your CV?

I've been trying to get out of here for a long time. I don't think that the experience at Broadcom on my CV is anything special that would set me apart from other candidates, but I also don't think that it is a stain on my resume as some say. This really surprised me a bit. Why would I have any less chance with a potential new employer if I worked here?

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WTH is this post, best company in the world right now.

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Nope, AVGO is not a stain on your CV, on the contrary. Most of your peers will be in awe that "you were developing chips". Yeah, nobody knows AVGO does software, deal with it. Up to you to let them know otherwise (unless you are actually into chips, no judgement there, but this means you are, most likely, not reading this post). Also, up to you how you organize your CV :)

Full story: Software guy here, I got fed up and brought an ultimatum to my AVGO management structure (all the way to Octane "themselves"): career advancement and salary inflation increase + position adjustment, or else.

Obviously, Octane and the happy bunch did not feel like kowtowing to my requests, so I applied to some other interested parties and brought a competing offer in 2 weeks. The new company thought AVGO to be an awesome previous experience in terms of tech, people and processes.

AVGO and its representatives (read: management) effed around it, brought their best BS g-ns to bay, but they weren't really in the mood to match it (their best effort was ~85% of the competing offer, RSUs included).

After almost a year into the new job, let me tell you: good riddance. A lot more Benjamins and a lot less hassle. Last, but not least, no more 100% in-office policy: it's no longer more important that my badge and phone makes it to the office rather than me as a person.

Oh, and guys: eff those RSUs. You can get the same value with other employers, with fewer, artificial strings attached.
Good luck, team, and stay strong!

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unless you're in Moldyframe BU, their aging in place not doing much, some running their own side businesses and cashing it in... they're not worried about CV stains, food stains on their clothing, whatever.

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@WhatTheHockBikeBoyHasMeFocked. Yep. You said it. Plenty of people waiting for ‘23-‘24 timeframe to bail. And really it’s not 50+, it’s the 60+ that are in that mode. Especially the CA oldies that are in maximum RSU mode. I know a few who were smart with their money over the years sitting on more than $3M+ in total investments and cash (not including their house…) today and ready to bail…next year. None of them bought a fancy car or any car for that matter, nor went on pricey vacation. They saved their money. Truly resting/vesting.

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we've lost about a half dozen people to the big G in the last six months. This was a mix of senior and newbies. Several others went to other FAANG companies

So 1-2 people per month went to fang which includes one Google bound person? Doubtful

Broadcom doesn’t hire newbies so they must be left over from a recent takeover company. Not enough time to have the scarlet B etched on their career yet

If such departures happened we don’t know the inside scoop. Did they leave Broadcom off their resume? Did the previous month Google departure just pull in the next guy?

No troll. Broadcom hurts a resume brand. Seriously what would you like to see on a resume? Apple ? or Infosys ? Broadcom is the same, in fact it’s worse. Broadcom is an investment holding company.

Actually there is one exception. While I know Apple mangers that toss Broadcom resumes. They might be willing to bring on ex-Broadcom when they staff up units to build their own chips , ones which they buy from Broadcom.

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Try recalibrating your resume so that it's simple and easier to understand. It makes a world of difference!

I went you YouTube to learn from recruiters how a resume can grab attention. My hit ratio for interviews skyrocketed! Several times I got a call within 1-2 days of submission!

Remember to keep your resume at 1 page. 2 pages max if you're a senior with over 10 years. Is buzz words that are in the reqs so computers cull you out of the weeds. Watch those YouTube vids for further refinements--a must!

Also remember that there's hiring freeze right now at most companies so don't take it they it's you. But it's still better to work at getting a new job in the next 6 months before the recession starts to turn the screws further later on.

Good luck! Don't lose hope! Recalibrate that resume!!!

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I'm sorry, but these types of posts are just troll BS. I know just in our BU we've lost about a half dozen people to the big G in the last six months. This was a mix of senior and newbies. Several others went to other FAANG companies. While I think Broadcom is headed down the drain based on their internal behavior, I've seen no signs of any companies black listing employees.

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Three reasons....

  1. Broadcom is known for buying companies that can no longer substantially grow. The reason is because said company sells products that are old and dated, using stale crusty tech stacks. Your skills are no longer current in the job market place.
  1. Broadcom is known for rest and vest types. Typically the 50+ crew that are nearing retirement will work there because its the only place that will hire them. People that stay from purchased companies stay for the RSU and nothing else. Not the cutting edge projects, not the challenging problems, nothing that would be good for your resume. Broadcom is a slow paced slog. Top companies and startups move at a pace much faster than Broadcom ever could dream to.
  1. Broadcom cuts several hundreds loose each year, some of those have found new jobs. Unfortunately, they have shown to be way to dated, slow and lazy. To comfortable to just hanging out for the next RSU vesting. Those managers got burned before with the caliber of Broadcom candidates, they wont get burned again.

My suggestion is you don't want to ever be let go from Broadcom. That would be a career ki---r. If you end up with a resume gap after Broadcom you will become untouchable. Managers will think "oh wow even Broadcom doesn't have use for you anymore, pass"

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