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Early signs that a person might be laid off

At one time I was convinced that I would be cut because the manager behavior was very unusual, but I wasn't. Now it's happening again.
I'm not panicking too much because I've been actively applying to other companies for some time now, but I'm still interested in whether there are any signs that indicate high probability that someone could be laid off?

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Sales are down for sure.
With so many sales reps gone how can they not be.

they will survive, but the issue is who wants to work there?

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Mason's management style has never operated rationally and was always reactive rather than proactive. I don't think you can really predict their behavior. However, there are so many better jobs out there. Get a resume writer to help write a good resume. So many job postings use algorithms that pick up certain verbiage in resumes and if you don't have a good resume you won't even get human eyes on your application

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are sales down?? that’s the number 1 cause .

does mason sense a losing verdict in the lawsuits? they might cut loses early by decreasing employees

did you go to stonehill? if so you’re prob safe . if not , adios

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