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OPMs not meeting expectations

"A survey of chief online learning officers indicates that online program management companies, or OPMs, aren’t meeting their expectations for marketing and recruitment, even though these are the services the college officials said they needed most."

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@4omk+1j57gBW2, you know that 2U was using spoofing to make prospective students to believe they were talking to university people? Remember the Glassdoor post titled "steer clear for your own sanity"?

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Know what?! I ain't mad at Dahn. As long as 'the Dahn's' and everyone else posts facts and truths!

What people who were laid off, and are hurting, need is honesty. And a dive into the history of 2u will help to draw a map leading to where things stand today. And, even highlighting something like the consistent (seemingly daily) drop in stock prices is an honest reflection of the whole narrative. For one, some people (say, those who don't own multiple hundreds of shares) may not pay attention to the stock prices. And, if stock was in a healthy zone, it's likely that the layoffs, and many of the problems and drama, would not even be a thing.

What is a problem are those who want to change the story, focus, reality, truth...history. And that really seems like the long time politics/poli-tricks of 2u leadership.

Some Apparent Historical Facts -2u made Huge promises to investors.They did not deliver. Investors sued. 2u was brought to a reckoning. Stocks began their path to decline. And now, volumes of people are losing their jobs.

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Dahn, you aren’t hurting Chip or 2U here. You’re hurting people who lost their livelihoods. There were people at 2U who wanted to help students and they lost their jobs. That’s your audience.

If you want to be heard by people who can do anything about whatever change you’re trying to implement, this isn’t your forum. You’re just being a d—k.

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