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Under the Federal Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification (WARN) Act, an employer must give you 60 days written notice before you are laid off, and must pay you for these 60 days.

The WARN money is in addition to any severance payments you may be entitled to. Therefore, if you are entitled to 60 months of severance, you will receive 60-days pay for the WARN act and 6 months of severance pay, in addition to any health insurance benefits you may be entitled to

Most states have a state version of the WARN law

Federal WARN ACT

If your employer fails to provide you the required 60 days-notice and does not pay you for the 60 days, you may file a complaint with the Federal Department of Labor (DOL). You may also file a complaint with the state agency that enforces this law.
For example, if you live in California, type California and Warn ACT in any search engine to locate the California agency responsible for this law

You can learn more about the WARN Act here. There is a Federal WARN ACT and most states have a state version of the WARN ACT. As a result, you can file a complaint with the Department of Labor (DOL) for the Federal law and the agency that enforces the WARN ACT in your state.

If you live in these states, please go to the first link to determine what an employer must report to a state agency before they workers are laid off
Then go to the 2nd link to learn what your employer sent to your state agency about the number of employees that have or will be laid off.

We recommend you copy this posting to your own computer as it is not uncommon for an employer to insist web site operators such as this one delete postings like this from their web site

Arizona Warn Act

California Warn Act
For general questions about the WARN Act, contact the California WARN Act Coordinator

Colorado Warn Act
Select View real-time WARN updates

Georgia Warn Act

Massachusetts Warn Act
Scroll down and select the WARN Report for Fiscal Year 2022

New York State
Select View WARN database

Nevada Warn Act
Select WARN Act Notices

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Sounds like an advertisement frivolous lawsuits. People got their notifications and are getting 90 days.

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If you’d like to learn more about the WARN Act and whether your employer is complying with this Federal and State law, please review these articles. Please copy this info to your desktop and share this information with your co-workers

WARN Act Class Action Lawsuits

The WARN Act and Twitter

Great article on the WARN Act


General Dynamics Workers Win Class Cert. In WARN Act Suit

WARN Act Ruling Potential Cause of Concern for Larger Employers

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OP. That’s a lot of words from someone that clearly doesn’t know what is happening. WARN or not. We are getting paid for 90 days so the whole things is waste of your breath.

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"in addition to any severance payments you may be entitled to"
The problem is that one is not entitled to severance payments. Let's say California: at will employment.

one just gets a severance payment offer in exchange not to sue (cash for signature).

This is how it worked, when I was lay-off at a different company 2005 as well. I think severance payments are just a policy, which can changed anytime. Or you have it in your contract? If not, no entitlement

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@pse. You're right about the 90 days. It's unfortunate people were laid off, but he is going beyond the WARN Act and paying 90 days as opposed to 60 days under the WARN Act.

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First layoff yah that one hurts. Let us see everyone locked out. That serves as notice. Everyone still on the payroll for 90 days and have to do nothing but cash the checks. 90 days later purged from employee roster. No violation here run along and play

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