Thread regarding Barnes & Noble layoffs

So glad I no longer work for this awful company

Now that I am out I can tell what I know.
My first store. One of the assistant managers deliberately hired an alcoholic because they had it with the store manager who was a walking te---r. So not only did we have to deal with a psycho running the store, we had a loser who hit on all of the customers and female employees, aside from making all kinds of mistakes.

The second store was even worse, It was like a hornets nest. The women were always having fights with each other, I felt like I was in a soap opera. And everyone was always in a bad mood, the manager instigated much of it. And eventually, to no one's surprise, the store closed.

I seriously don't know how this company hangs on. Or more importantly, why people still go to work there.

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New England had the most vicious upper-management. They would be so fake to your face and then talk all about you to the store manager. So many good people back stabbed and forced out.

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man I though it was only my store that had toxic leadership, I think Barnes in general just does not hire well, couple that with cliquishness in upper management leads to all the wrong people rising to leadership. At my store it was mainly the “old guard” the leftovers who did. It get laid off in 2018 that were the main trouble makers.

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Seems like bad management is rampant at this company. Should have unionized.
Amazing that anyone still shops there. Everything is so much cheaper online.

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