Thread regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs

Oracle is Cerner now

The old Oracle Is left to die
They know that can’t compete.
Things have changed and they accept that
& do not want to throw good money at what know will no longer work

Didn’t take long after CloudWorld for it to be known that Cloud isn’t what they thought.
They have to turn Cerner around.
Too much money invested, with too many issues. VA issues are not good.

Products with no investment is dead.
Healthcare and AI are what they seem to want.

This is a different day & time. This is not the typical annual layoff. A full fledged global depression is possible. This winter could take a lot of lives out. Heating; oil, natural gas costs + supply & demand? Supply is low . US has been selling reserves so supply is low as demand increases. Timing to cut supply was not good. Fuel shortage = food shortage.

Time to save and not spend. Those that spend we appreciate your contribution to the economy but sadly you are headed to serious issues. More bailout money will increase taxes beyond our reality. Venezuela seems to be the unfortunate similar path.

LE and SC aren’t stupid. The 60 billion plan was devised prior to CloudWorld by 2026. 50 billion projected FY 2023. Will be interesting to see they can pull it off. Oracle spending will have to be cut even more, soon

Think they might have a surprise because they aren’t going to jeopardize their $$.
Obvious more major changes are in store.
They’ll realize they have a shortage of producers and too much expensive middle mgmt. Mid mgmt is always the textbook cut and over 55 are the first to go .. even tho age discrimination is not practiced. Right. If they can find grounds to fire (which won’t be hard to find) more costs are cut.

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If they were stupid bigger fish would have swallowed them up by now. The people who work for them, now that’s another story.

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LE and SC aren’t stupid.

No they are not, but they are greedy, self-absorbed and totally narcissistic. That will be their downfall.

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