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Failing to fix the issues

It’s hard to understand that Oracle has a negative mgjt style & they make themselves look bad when they defend themselves, degrade others.
Positive leadership is not weak as they seem to think. Accountability, motivation, incentives, setting goals, raising the bar, teamwork are proven principles for success.
Oracle has had too much cash but now there’s a debt and lower revenue. Oracle has thrown too much money for too long at issues but not corrected anything so issues still exist.
They are in the dark ages and don’t know it …. Employee abuse is unacceptable they don’t think so. I don’t understand that mindset. It doesn’t work. There are rules & Regis that have to be followed. Not a choice.
Here is a legendary company that is becoming toast because of poor mgmt.
They don’t seem to be in touch with reality. Oracle has changed directions.
They we not going to be needed. I guess when they get fired that will be their wake-up. Their jobs are not long term by any stretch. Blows my mind.
They better have a lot saved because they will have trouble getting. Everybody knows about Oracle mgrs.: @3rsf+1jLe6ITC

Great post.

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I think the next few weeks will be interesting. There is alot of information floating around in the tech community especially within the younger crowd in Austin that, have relatives that worked at Oracle in various U.S. locatrions and have been told much about the corrupt behavior in management, naming names. I have always thought that certain managers that call employees id--ts are the real id--ts for not caring about degrading employees publicly and calling hard working individuals widgets, commodities, etc. They have no idea who people that are offended, know.

An angry arrogant VP that blatanally boasts about being able to do what he does, "because he can" probably has much to hide and would be a good opporunity for Forensic accounting procedures that, uncover much. It's a matter of time when that will happen and once fraud is found they can go back as far as they want which brings more charges and longer sentences. White collar crime is huge right now. It's a tremendous money maker for the government.

Street thugs can ki-l people and don't have to serve time so white collar crime is filling up court calendars especially, white males. If someone is a flight risk, with a history of excessive travel they can held in federal holding facility while they wait for their court date.

The prison population has been overcrowded with people of color and that dynamic is now changing. A white male, middle managment VP at Oracle is a sitting duck. The sooner LE and SC wise-up to the corrupt behavior that has been hidden from them, even tho they have not cared, needs to act ASAP and fire -not layoff - the corrupt. Market share value will increase if they clean house. If not, market share will be hurt. Illegal activity discovered by a employed VP will cause many share holders to sell. if you don't believe, read-up on Black Rock.

Black Rock has 4 states and counting, selling stock, plus individuals and other institutional groups that do not agree with Black Rock's political views. This is a civil war and the battle ground is Big Corps.
So VPs that boast about not having to worry about their jobs, blasting the lowly employees that, have to worry, need to talk to people in the same positions in other Big Tech and Financial Corps. Your jobs are more vulnerable because you will get fired not layed off.

Black Rock has more cash than, The Federal Reserve and Black Rock is now in trouble.

It's always good to talk to millenials because many are extremely bright and were raised being taught that mental and emotional abuse is unacceptable. They have no qualms about being painfully honest about such things. Many either are or have childhood and college friends that are trying to make a name for themselves in various criminal branches of the Federal Govt.

Oracle has evolved into the worst of the worst especially for employee abuse, stealing original inventors work for self-gain, locking customers into contracts, not giving them service, openly expressing hatred to those that pay alot of money to be treated, badly.
Truth can not be hidden forever.

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Well said (entire post) @3ouh+1jSHTxip

……. Until some teeth are put into the laws and those responsible are really held accountable, nothing will change, except for the mirrors and smoke they use for the show they put on.

That’s exactly what the Congresswoman was saying. LE might find out that his money might not always work. It blows my mind how employees and customers are hated by mgmt.

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Member of Congressional committee (YouTube) re: Big Tech stated recently that a 150 million dollar fines don’t work because issues never change,

A fine like that would literally destroy you and me, but to a large company like Oracle it is just the cost of doing business. It serves no deterrent whatsoever for those who have no remorse. It didn't take an entire congressional committee for me to see this.

I just saw a program on how an airline cut corners, extended maintenance and replacement intervals well beyond manufacturers standards. A Plane went down, everyone died. Fines and changes were mandated but did anyone really pay for this? No. However, the whistleblower was suspended and eventually left the business.

Things need to change because those who value profit above all, including morals and human lives really need to have some fear put into them or nothing will ever change.

Until some teeth are put into the laws and those responsible are really held accountable, nothing will change, except for the mirrors and smoke they use for the show they put on.

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Nobody cares what LE thinks.
It’s past time for Justice to be served.
Nobody is above the law.
He is no exception.

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Member of Congressional committee (YouTube) re: Big Tech stated recently that a 150 million dollar fines don’t work because issues never change, that Prison time might be the only way to get their attention.
Federal Huge siding with firemen’s pension fund fraudulent securities case last year O threw a few hundred million to for it to go away
The list is long. Feds are fed up.
Will be interesting.
Esp re: Fraudulent patents
News coming soon

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Would be a nice post if the original author was talking about any company other than Oracle. Instead, the author somehow missed seeing the obvious .. the massive elephant in the room, LE.

LE is a malignant narcissist. You can read yourself about how this kind of narcissist behaves, but basically people with this disorder pit the folks they are surrounded by against one other. LE thrives on the fighting and back-stabbing around (and mostly beneath) him. In order to prove their worth management will do anything to make themselves look good relative to their own peers. LE enjoys observing it all, and the effect of all the back-stabbing is something he derives gratification from. Something along the lines of "look at all my underlings - how desperate they are to prove their worth to me".

Bottom line: Don't bother trying to analyze what's wrong with Oracle. It's a total waste of time until LE finally retires/leaves.

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Hard to understand, follow the money.

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