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Office Depot Layoffs 2023

Is there going to be any reorg or Office Depot layoffs? Any chatter, news or rumors?

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I'm a full time Sales Supervisor and Key Carrier since May 2022 and I was told on Sept 20th my last day will be Oct 20th. My position is eliminated to a part time position key carrier with a $3 pay cut.

Right now and for a while it's just been me an a cashier closing the store most nights. We can't seem to attract or retain anyone with the store only budgeted to offering $10-12 for part time associates. A few other stores are similarly affected by the same sorts of position eliminations that I know of.

I know regional or corporate expected more than twice what we and other stores in the district were earning over the July to Sept Back To School sales. In the state the teachers all had state issued cards where they could spend around $800 on supplies for themselves and we sold a lot of printers, paper, notebooks and such and it probably would have been an earnings holocaust had we not had that money come in.

My store hasn't been remodeled since the 1990s and the linoleum on the floors is worn out, water comes in under one of the rear emergency exits so the bottom of the door is rusted out. The roof leaks and it's dripped into the server room and we've had constant problems with connectivity many days where we couldn't run the registers, use the Zebra mobiles for hours at a time and the alarms wouldn't set at night.

The carpet on the furniture pads looks awful it's so old. Other stores in the district are similarly worn out and tired looking. It repels me so I know it repels customers

Everything is just sad about the place. I feel for the GM even though he's yelled and mistreated everybody I can see the strain he's under. He's got an elderly mom who he's trying to take care of and I've been there myself - it's not easy being an end of life caregiver. I've been looking for another job for months and so this is kind of the final blow.

It's infuriating to listen to the overhead Kevin Moffat kid who's upbeat about his dying company. I think he's an id--t frankly.

Like all the companies it's all about the stock price and earnings and trying to keep that afloat and they just keep cutting and closing like that's something they can do forever.

Our Best Buy already pulled out of our small town so customers will have nowhere to go but Wal-Mart or Amazon and such. There's nothing else left for medium to small town America.

Thank the baby Jesus the stockholders will be okay for a little while longer. There's always a bright side of life...

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Beed doing it the past two weeks on the B2B Side. Lots of tenured knowledgeable people terminated for cause. No Severance just shitcanned.

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Well 2 plus 2 doesn't equal five. The strange way that they are managing time off(or Paid Time Off) for its employees in Georgia is really difficult to work with. We have to fill out paperwork for the times off that we wanted off. And we must wait as long as the Manager feels like to let us know whether we do or do not get the time off we requested. We were told that we would get a copy of the days we would get off and that hasn't happened yet. In the past we would only needed to send a request online and let that Manager that you had sent her/him a request online and it would arrive in the e-mail for consideration. I think Office Depot will do some serious layoffs in 2023!

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