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Why do our products suck a-s?

It's taken me 30 minutes to load three dashboards today because they keep turning up a variety of errors... I work in sales and it's been predatory so stressful I feel lucky to be alive. What is our dev team doing? Are these great Glassdoor reviews about work/life balance from the people maintaining and building our sh---y software?! Get your a-s up and work

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Then fu----g leave. If all you do is complain about a dashboard, you need to leave and let those of us who actually doing some work get on with it.

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Most of the glassdoor reviews for Salesforce are fake. You can go through pages of glassdoor reviews for Salesforce and find the same reviews with the same words with slight details shuffled around. Glassdoor is no longer an accurate representation of what a company is like because so many of the reviews are fake/paid or done by AI driven bots to make a company appear more desirable to talent, but Salesforce is one of the worst offenders of this.

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