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A call with the MD today?

Hi All - I need a bit help!

I am level 8 through acquisition in 2019 - moved to operations running small studio in NJ.

Covid shut the shop down so move to hybrid cloud, 88% billable last year, on project til 12/1 in position to get extended on client side. MY current team is totally perplexed as well we have been working together and producing for the client.

today Mental Health Awareness Day, my MD scheduled a meeting 1on1, was informed i am being let go before project end date.

No warning at all, in fact my CC said in the meeting he represented me as tracking forward for PMO.

Any idea here?

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Looks like they didn't tell you. Your seat is an ejection seat. It can go off anytime and no reason given. No rhyme or reason. You're just a number.

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Good luck guys. Just remember one door close and a wider one will open.

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This is exacetely why we should have kept the laddering system - think about it - we still ladder but now it's not transparent at all.

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Level 6. Happened to me on Monday. I was let go after 4 year and a decent but not stellar 2022.

After two years off We.. ahem They… are top grading again. Even if you had a ok to good year You can still fall into the bottom among your peers.

My career counselor said that everyone was forced to put fixed number of people on the bottom regardless.

Then the bottom gets cut. No questions, if, ands, or buts.

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Good luck OP, all the best. This is not cool.

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