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What roles in STT have the most trasferrable skills?

Been working at STT for less than a year, and so far no much complaints, but curious about roles where you pick up skills if you want to move on to other employers. Also, how hard is it to earn up to 120K here?

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Jobs in IT, dealing with cloud tech. You can get to 120k and beyond if you work hard, network, and this is the key - move around to different roles. The 10 - 15%+ bumps add up and if you get lucky might get into a bidding war.

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If you listen to the people saying you can’t learn because a job outsources work then you are doing your life a disservice and playing a game of career victim hood. Many companies outsource, many cut costs, a company that doesn’t is a niche- not a norm. Not saying I agree with how state treats employees- because I definitely don’t.
But You can learn and grow in any challenge you’re in. State is a stepping stone, people don’t spend their lives here anymore for a reason. Nor do people spend their lives at any one company anywhere else either. That’s not the road the labor market is going.
Op has drive enough to ask and an optimism for the future. People like that are the future of working anywhere- not just state- and If they keep having that, they will go places while everyone else here playing victim to outsourcing will still be scrambling- competing with each other at state street for the same jobs, forever.

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@Post ID: @2elk+1jdvoiAg You must be a very high up Executive or a newbie worker.

You do know over the last 20 years State Street has outsourced many depts.
The remaining depts are now working a staff reduction of at least 40%

This is why learning new skills is hard because ,

  1. You can no longer apply for a new job since some departments are gone.
  1. And you really think a department struggling with less staff has the time to
    play mentor a person .
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Any job can teach you transferable skills if you are open to learning and challenging yourself.
In order to succeed anywhere you have to show initiative and want to learn and grow for yourself. Here is not different. Talk to people in:near your role, ask to sit with people and learn. Take on new projects. Look at where the market is going: innovation, efficiency, technology- learn skills that aid in this. Use the learning platforms state has.
Your job is yours, you decide your career path.

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Sorry but you can no longer increase your skills and learn skills at State Street.

Reason is since they have outsourced so many departments in the last 20 years.
You can no longer move up the ladder or do lateral moves to learn new job skills.

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This is not a joke, H1b is the skill you will need, they are needed everywhere.

The country needs more H1b, their skills are highly transferrable even if they have no experience, and have to copy your resume.

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