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Employees in Bose doing two jobs

I recently came across one of my colleagues in Bose as a mutual friend in Facebook profile with one of my friends in another company. Upon asking my friend on how he knew my colleague, my friend said my colleague works with him in that company and I was surprised. Upon checking slack and teams in Bose I could see my colleague online and he responded to my messages. Also my friend looked up in slack in his company and he was able to see my colleague online in the other company too. And I should say the other company is a competitor. I have seen couple of folks moved to Texas and working for Bose remotely and now I suspect all these folks are doing 2 jobs.

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As long as people get their work done and they’re not acting as spies for competitors, it shouldn’t matter what they do on their own time. Also, many engineers are underpaid at Bose, so it would not surprise me if someone has a need to try and make ends meet.

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Good for them! In these times in particular, across the generations, holding down more than one job is a -reality- for more people than you seem unlikely to appreciate or acknowledge. Nothing nefarious about it in most situations.

If jobs are getting done to the satisfaction of management, so be it. Many (many) people fully satisfy more than one employer.

If management is so lacking in intellect, awareness, and engagement with an employee to not assure a defined job is getting done, that's a management problem. Not on the employee.

Leave this person alone, same for your fiend. You have no idea what their situation and reality are, nor what burdens they may be likely bearing.

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Some years ago, one of my cubicle neighbors was running his side business from his desk at work. And everybody knew it, because we could all hear it.

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