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Premier, Inc continues to layoff key business personnel in a time when those key personnel experts will only help growth. In 2021 Premier laid off 28 tenured key member field and corporate personnel and claimed the layoff was due to budget and strategic alignment, when Premier made more profit wise than proceeding years, and leaving their top members without strategic resources. Typical hire , fire cycle Premier exhibits frequently.

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I spent five years with Premier and as one of the posts above stated, there was truly a time when Premier lived its values, particularly to focus on it's people. Premier was the company that taught me people are a company's greatest resources.

Susan DeVore was a respectable leader for some time but eventually the combination of her and Mike Alkire equated a steamroller, running over senior management who ran their departments very successfully but who didn't agree with some of DeVore's and Alkire's short-sighted, focus on quick profit moves.

Between Alkire's influence and the company going public, the integrity that DeVore had went away. The fact that the stock value never went anywhere after all these years speaks volumes on how a company I was once proud to work for has turned into a circus. A lot of good people were forced out and that is truly sad.

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Totally agree with the above. Back in the days of Susan DeVore as CEO, the company still had some integrity. But, Susan became one to lay off very talented Senior Management at a whim if she disagreed with them. Premier used to have a true strategy of "Focusing on People" and lost a lot of credibility internally by the way it started to treat its people.

A lot also changed when the company went public. More greed and heavy focus on the bottom line, the crazy acquisitions started, the company started spinning around trying to increase revenue.

They've been a public company for like what 10 years now or more and the stock is worth like $25 a share now. It was $30 at onset.

Will be around for years still but are losing a lot of the hospitals that just don't believe in them anymore. Sad to see what was once an excellent company to work go downhill so much.

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Premier has had no growth that wasn’t by acquisition since they went public. Under the leadership of Leigh Anderson and Mike Alkire, they have managed to buy dozens of companies and pick them apart like vultures, de-brand and destroy the assets. Remitra is just the latest in a long line of acquisitions they made to be the big boys on the block and then didn’t run. Epic is ki-ling Theradoc, their ERP died in the vine, there is nothing left of SYMMEDRx or MemData, and Stansons was a terrible misuse of fabulous tech. The people on the ground trying to make it work are axed while the senior leaders responsible for ruining the company are never held accountable by the board. And if you want to see the least diverse leadership team, look up the c-suite pics.

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