Thread regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs

Biggest issues Oracle will face soon?

Someone thinks that it will be losing its DB market share to cloud rivals and I agree. Although I think that the company will face many more issues in the coming period.

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Sounds like flight is wha they want for customers & employees as they are setting up an easier way to be relieved of those responsibilitie as they, reorg/rebrand Oracle to healthcare & AI.

SC’s keynote to partner with NVIDIA was impressive. Cerner is just another troubled dinosaur but NVIDIA has potential and should be able to move Oracle in the direction it should go. Realistically Oracle is corrupt and it’s got to go. Horrible middle mgmt and VPs are responsible. LE and SC pay VPs well to be responsible for operations and their own lack of accountability & illegal patents, misusing funds had to be cleaned up. It’s easier to reorg totally and let go of all the problems

The hardworking employees are the heroes that have kept things going while mid mgt VPs have done their best to milk this cow for everything she’s got. “ just because I can” And the unlimited vacation “just because I can” is coming to screeching halt.

Hardworking employees please there are many good employees. Someone listed several recently. Success might
will be greater away from the Big Text Corps. Go where you are treated fairly do not get back into an abusive corrupt self destructing managed company like Oracle. There are ethical well managed companies out there that need your skill set that value you.
Oracle lost touch of the importance of people. Sales & service can never survive when employees are treated well. The psychology has proven that positive leadership wins. Negative employee abuse is a downward spiral that will crash & burn.

Fortunately SC is going to move Oracle into a new direction and shareholders will make money and she will realize that people, employees & customers are important.

Oracles mid Mgmt VPs that just don’t get that people are important. It’s very simple. Rules and regulations are made to protect us, people. Thinking that you are an oligarch is narcissistic arrogance and it never works, long term. Pride goes before the fall.
You will have plenty of free time to think about how you have ruined this powerhouse by abusing others.

Hopefully Oracle can breakdown Cerner into attractive divisions that can be sold.

Oracle is closing a big door but, things are too messy. They will be fine and employees will be ok because their are companies that will pay more and you can earn pay raises and be treated fairly.
Middle Mgmt VPs are the losers. They don’t have a prayer because they sold their souls to each other and double crossed upper Mgmt, customers, employees and shareholders. They need to held responsible. Firing them with no benefits is not enough for some. Justice wouid be heavy fines & prosecution is necessary but still not enough for the lives they have ruined

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I haven’t worked at Oracle in over 20 years, but I used the database heavily up until about 5 years ago (I’m now entirely in AWS ecosystem) . I believe Oracle RDBMS is a great product and loved it. It’s my favorite. But the world moved on. Data is growing exponentially every year and no one company or product (like an RDBMS) can hold the market like Oracle once did.
It’s not that Azure or AWS is ki----g Oracle RDBMS - the free ones like postgres are. Nobody is willing to build anything new on Oracle. Too costly and no one likes dealing with the company. Or alternative data technologies are often a better approach to an rdbms - like mongodb or s3 or snowflake.

oracles cloud play is a separate story but I can’t see it working. I’m not saying this because I love AWS. Seems to me like a lot of AWS services suck (ci/cd), aren’t used much (dynamodb), lock you in too hard (lambda), or are extremely useful but relatively basic (sqs, s3, route53, maybe rds). I see K8s as more the future working with those useful/basic services. But would never consider using oracle for any of this.

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The biggest issue: FLIGHT

Flight by employees as well as Customers!

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Larry was so determined to win the cloud battle, but now he’s raised the white flag and surrendered to the Big Three. Remarkable! Say goodbye to OCI.

But if Larry thinks that running Oracle databases on the Big Three will be lucrative, he’s in for a major shock. Companies like Snowflake and numerous others have been eating Oracle’s lunch for years, customers have been leaving the Oracle platform in droves, and I guarantee that Oracle is not getting its database market share back. It’s gone for good and will only continue to shrink.

So Oracle employees, jump ship now if you know what’s good. That is, unless you just want to be an employee of a health care business. Because that’s what Oracle will end up as.

It’s truly an amazing fall for a company from having once been at the top of the database market not very long ago.

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Oracle DB is still amazing but I agree.

  1. Need to offer an Oracle managed service in AWS, Azure, and GCP.
  2. Needs a consumption based pricing model.
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Once Oracle DB runs on a non Oracle cloud, It seems to me developing tools/processes to convert Oracle DB to rivals DB should be an extremely lucrative business.
People have tried in the past on premise without too much success; will it be different in the cloud?

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Lack of leadership that has taken complete advantage of the company rewarding themselves instead of those that carry the weight & taking from subordinates for self gain is a major part of this downfall. There is zero respect for them. Justice will prevail.
There are enough interest groups, organizations and agencies that are involved and watching all this going on and will intercede if Oracle does take necessary action for the individuals that have done so damage to themselves, others and to the company.
There are no secrets because too many people have worked at Oracle through the years for truth not to eventually catch-up. Taking advantage of people for personal gain is a dangerous slippery slope that will not end well.

Lining your own pockets not compensating hard workers does not go unnoticed for very long.
It’s inevitable that much of what is already known will result in serious legal consequences for certain individuals. There’s always more that is found during that process.

We are all responsible for our own actions. Unfortunately Oracle has kept their heads in the sand too long & the evolution of inadequate individuals were left unattended.
It’s a mystery that a publicly traded company can lack such poor internal control accounting procedures. Usually when this is discovered is revealed and Oracle makes headlines.
If Oracle cleaned up their own house stock would soar. Everybody knows about Oracles middle Mgmt
The published Code of Ethics and actual Mgmt is not even close.

Mid Mgmt has taken O to this low and upper Mgmt has not ignored the truth.
Throwing money at the issues did not correct the problems.

Timing of economy affecting this industry is bringing things into the light that will force upper Mgmt into reality. Sadly much damage has been done and it is a little too late. Oracle will survive financially but it’s legacy is ruined. Ego is worth more than money.

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In no order:

  • Employee morale. If you talk to longtime employees, some want to be laid off and get the severance package. Others don't want to be there but are either so close to retirement or unable to find a new job, they are stuck. The lack of communications from leadership is a big issue too.
  • The database market. See all these other posts.
  • The apps market. Sure, HCM and ERP are built in-house unlike Workday and CX has recent innovations, but there are clearly better companies out there to do business with and not be locked in. Gartner MQ rankings and SAP bashing only go so far.
  • Lots and lots of commercial property.
  • OCI. See above.
  • LJE himself. SAC is a close second.
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The Cloud market is being seen as the gold rush: who wins it will win the whole thing.

OCI is the equivalent of Microsoft Bing for the search engine: irrelevant…

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Biggest issue. Brand Management. The employees,and more importantly customers, have lost their belief in the brand. Morale is shot!

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He didn't have a choice then either. TK was right. The issue with Oracle and OCI is that it was 8 years too late, Oracle had traditionally pi---d off customers and there was a lack of trust in the market. Any customer having an alternative was looking to leave Oracle and that is still the case.

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Oracle is and has always been a DB company, from day one; not a cloud company;
Oracle clients use Oracle for its DB; so when Oracle DB is being ran on clouds rivals, the risks of clouds rivals using conversion tools to get Oracle clients into their own DB is high and that is when Oracle DB starts loosing market share.
That is the reason why LE fired TK 4 years ago when TK suggested running Oracle DB on clouds rivals to LE; but now LE doesn’t have any other choice.

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