Thread regarding Kemper Insurance layoffs

Mass Layoffs by KEMPER in breach of the WARNS ACT

Please note, my wife who was an SIU Manager was also laid off after 10 years of service. I work for an outsourced HR firm. After reviewing this case and the number of people laid off without warning, this places Kemper in breach of the WARNS ACT. Go gete'm!!! Know your rights. I've included information below: From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all well.

For a complete understanding of your rights click on

If you think that you may have a claim under WARN, you should consult an
attorney. Generally, where workers are successful in their suits, the employer pays legal fees incurred. However, if your suit is unsuccessful, you may be
liable for legal expenses. Under some circumstances, you may qualify for
legal services assistance based upon your income. Further information about
accessing such legal services can be found through your local Bar
If you are a union member, speak to your local representative or the union’s
legal department for specific information about possible legal claims.
Although the U.S. Department of Labor and your state have no enforcement
role in seeking damages for workers who did not receive adequate notice or
received no notice at all, they can assist you in finding a new job or learning
about training opportunities that are available to you whether or not you have
received a WARN notice. You may also call the National Toll-Free Help Line
(1-877-US-2JOBS or TTY: 1-877-889-5627) or link to
to find out the most convenient local One-Stop Career Center location.
Please refer to the directory at the end of this guide to find out how to contact your state.
WARN is enforced through the U.S. District Courts. Workers, their representatives, and units of local government may bring individual or class action
suits against employers who they believe to be in violation of the Act. The
U.S. Department of Labor has no authority or legal standing in any enforcement action and cannot provide specific binding or authoritative advice or
guidance with respect to individual situations. The Department does, however, provide assistance in underst

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This is so stupid. Did you even read the docs you linked? Literally none of this applies here, not one single thing:

You may be protected by WARN if your job loss occurs as part of:
• A plant closing (see glossary)—where your employer shuts down a facility or operating unit (see glossary) within a single site of employ- ment (see glossary and FAQs) and lays off at least 50 full-time workers;
• A mass layoff (see glossary)—where your employer lays off either between 50 and 499 full-time workers at a single site of employment and that number is 33% of the number of full-time workers at the sin- gle site of employment; or
• A situation where your employer (see glossary) lays off 500 or more full-time workers at a single site of employment.

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The warns act only applies to factory workers and union workers.

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I left Kemper late last Spring after nearly 21 years. It is horribly mismanaged. That really is their biggest issue compounded by others, but they have people in management that have no idea what they're doing. I'm thankful that I'm no longer there and I feel for these people who were let go yesterday. All of these layoffs happened yesterday. I'm quite sure there is more to come.

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Under the WARN Act, you can either give a 60 day notice to your employees (most companies give a 6 month notice) or give them a 60 day pay package when laid off without the notice.

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Another thing people need to start reporting is not being reimbursed for internet usage and working from home.

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