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They gave up some of the greatest talents

I'm disgusted considering that they laid off a star employee, a person from whom everyone could learn a lot and with whom it was a pleasure to work. I'll be honest and say that I deserved that layoff more than he did, because I stopped making efforts a long time ago. I intend to leave here soon because this has become a complete joke of a company that doesn't know how to value its best employees.

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I never got the sense of any attempts of collaborative efforts by most of the employees not all of them though. I think like the op said there were some good people that unfortunately were let go and some deserved to be let go sooner than later imo. I have no idea why some were promoted or came in as a manager given their lack of leadership.

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I saw a list of people who were let go & some of the people who were in management that got let go were straight up as-----s and hard to deal with when I was in management so, I think some of them got their karma. You don't need to be an as----e to run a company. I've heard of some horrible stories about JL saying some really inappropriate things in meetings and I believe he set the example for other executives to behave like that. I agree some people didn't deserve it but some of those people needed to be pruned years ago.

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