Thread regarding Ciena Corp. layoffs

Meta 30% layoffs

We all know the PM who’s making TikToks at work and the company is full of people like that.
Low stock price won’t let us burn billions into Reality Labs. If the leadership wants to continue investing into AR/VR then they need to trim the fat right now. Not only will it make the stock bounce but also provide some breathing room for the operating expenses.

Zuckerberg has been living in delusions of grandeur. We’re not Apple or Google or Microsoft. We’re worth wayyy less (1/9th of Apple) and all our products suck beneath the surface.

  • We need to axe the bullsh-t PR departments like Civil rights and DEI asap, the image will not become better by hiring leeches. We need to actually start shipping stuff again to become valuable. If you’re more than 2 nodes away from code or physical infra you need to go.
  • Fire 50% of PMs we don’t need more TikTokers they can go back to the streets.
  • Fire the Horizon team and start hiring competent game devs from Santa Monica, Montreal, and London.
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