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Signs of Quiet Firing

I know this site is discussing our cherished pastime of State Street Layoffs, but I would like to know some obvious signs of ‘Quiet Firing’ from long time survivors at State Street. This is where the company deliberately make your job miserable to force you to quit instead of paying you severance and unemployment benefits. Here are some sign that comes to mind:

  1. Given unattainable goals outside of your scope.
  2. Your workload drastically changes with no valid explanation.
  3. Boss suddenly avoid communicating with you.
  4. Being excluded in discussions or information is being withheld from you to perform your job properly.
  5. Forced to return to go to office where you sit alone to collaborate with yourself.
  6. Given questionable instructions where management make you run in circles ….maybe this is not intentional but pure incompetence by yes-man’s managers with no backbone.
  7. Zero or vague introductions of outside resources joining your team. They’re tasked to do your work and then you end up fixing everything they did.
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Agree after you do all the research and hard work they take all the CREDIT and get the rewards of a bonus and raise .

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When there are h1-b workers as colleagues, I have

(1) you are forced to share everything you know, but not vice versa

(2) after you shared your knowledge, they delete the meeting to show they always know how to do your work

(3) When there are highly visible work, you will do the work for them and will rarely be in the loop after completion

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To OP of this thread, here are some examples of making people so miserable they
finally decide to quit, to save their mental sanity and other health issues.

When your dept is cut from 10 people down to 6 and the workload goes up.
Worse when a person goes on vacation and now you have 5 people trying to do
a workload that used to be down by 10 people.

When your a dept which has to interact with a dept in India, and as usual the Indian
staff work is constantly filled with errors. So you have to request it be done again correctly. And because of this it drags down your work output which depends of
their work.

When you go 2 to 3 years with no raises and bonuses, and if you do get one its a tiny
1% .

When people are so afraid to get up leave their dept to take their legal break and lunch
and rest.
No they are so afraid they take their break and lunch at their desk so they can eat and work at the same time, to try and make a small dent in the workload

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I don’t know that it’s intentional but I agree with your points. I think this is just a result of restructuring in Corps these days. It is the do your job mentality. We’re paid so not much for us to stand on.

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Other than the return to office part, that's pretty much the way it's been since about 2003 when they began outsourcing work to the third world.

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