Thread regarding Union Bank layoffs

Pay attention and think critically

With US Bank looming, those still drinking the positivity koolaid need to read between the lines and pay attention to the wording of communications about the acquisition.
*You won’t have to work Saturdays YET
*Everyone has a job FOR NOW
*Your work location won’t change YET
*Your title will remain FOR NOW
*Your manager and team will stay the same FOR NOW
*You will remain bonus eligible FOR NOW and we MAY pay your bonus by “alternative methods”
Really pay attention to what they’re saying and what they’re intentionally omitting. The ugly truth lies within the questions they still won’t answer. Read reviews from their employees on Indeed. Read their page on this Layoff site. Get out now, friends. Find another job while you can before the recession hits and the job market starts to toughen.

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Nothing is certain. You can either wait and see if make the move now.

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