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So much of it. Everyone is trying to take care of their kin, it's not fair.

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A lot of times this is the only way to get reliable help. Those with family members in the store usually are the hardest workers because if they mess up it reflects badly on the rest of the family. Now if you're talking about store directors or CEO and nepotism I've never seen it personally.

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Randy did this in creative ways.

  1. Sister as a travel coordinator- position did not exist before her and did not exist after she left.
  2. Hires his sister’s failing advertising company.
  3. Promotes his friends unqualified sons to high level positions. They previously sold copy machines.
  4. His best man was a director that was fired, but soon beta VP in the office.

Really very silly.

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The really charming Hy-Vee's, and there are plenty of them, is where there are ex-wives and /or ex- husbands along with the new wives and/or husbands , who are in managment positions (name only, they couldn't manage a gerbil if their life depended on it) ....along with their bratty, spoiled children, all working at the the same location.

Creates a work place more toxic than Chernobyl ..but hey, you have a CEO who says Hy-Vee is the best place to work in America. all must he well......correct?

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This 100%
It’s always been like this in any store I’ve ever worked in. Makes for a toxic work environment. It’s almost like a popularity contest with getting promotions and things.

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Hy-vee has long been known for this. In any given store, you find husbands/wives....sons and name it. And it's sad because those in higher management, hire their kin, and of course they get preferential treatment, because we all know blood is thicker than water.

Reputable companies won't even allow third cousins to ve working in the same facility.

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