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We shouldn’t hate on HB1 and Offshore workers

Public service announcement:
I see a lot of resentment towards HB-1 and offshore workers. They are not the bad guys. I bet most of us would do the same if given the opportunity. In most cases the foreign workers don’t know that they are replacing locals. I know a couple of HB-1 coworkers that regretted working at State State when they find out their salary could only afford them to share a cr---y apartment. And don’t get me started when our 5-help calls were being directed to India and on the workers there all sounded miserable. I think they know they are being exploited.

We should direct the blame of cheap labor to only the higher ups. I didn’t realized how common the HB-1 program was being utilized by the higher ups until i start seeing more HB-1 workers than local workers at the SFC cafeteria. One time I saw maybe 5 local workers out of 100 HB-1 workers having lunch. This was pre-pandemic. Not sure what it is like, now.

Tip: If your management team randomly ask you to forward them copy of your resume or to fill out Roles & Responsibilities form; THREAD CAREFULLY. There’s a high probability that they’re trying to replace you with a HB-1 or offshore workers. You’ll know it’s obvious when they’re continuously pestering you for info but not providing you any context in writing.

Other tips:

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Great point about bringing HB1 workers due to the American Labor Shortage. The company have been highly criticized for creating artificial labor shortages by laying off their employees and hiring HB1 and offshore workers.

Here’s proof:

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Yep, I agree. They are taking advantage of an opportunity, and some of them get screwed. They don't have green cards so they are at the whim of the employers as to whether they can stay in the US. Me? I'm a US citizen so I can take my job and shove it if I want to.

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No I do not trust Senior mgmt and anything that they say. Their goal is to cut cost by continue outsourcing and bringing in H1B workers.

They will lie to you tell you how good of a worker you are, you can continue to get
excellent reviews. Which give you a false sense of security, to lull you into believing them.

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Do you still trust upper management? They don't care if you starve to death. I stop trusting upper management after my 2nd year after college graduation. I just go for whoever pays the most. Upper management all BS about the future with the corporation. I BS back to upper management about my loyalty to the corporation in return.

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Hmmm why would U.S workers be angry at H1B workers ???

Could it be they lost their job so the company could replace them with a cheaper
imported worker ?

Could it be they see H1B workers sitting at the desks of their former coworkers ?

Could it be they were forced to train their H1B replacements under the threat of,
no train then no severance package ??

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American labor shortage, it is high time to bring much more H-1B workers to US.

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Not true, H1B workers can collect Social Security benefits if they have been contributing for 10 years or earned 40 points. This explains it

I absolutely understand the challenges of H1B workers as I have a lot of friends who have been on it for 20 years before they got their Green Cards.

Now I totally understand the six year term limit criteria and a lot of H1B's decide to go back or their employers decide to send them back sooner.

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Rich corporations do not think you are worth it. They think so low of you that they prefer to get workers 1000 miles away. And somehow makes you think these same workers that they are exploiting are your enemies. No critical thinking on your side hence why they are confident they made the right choice.

Did you know that HB1visas do not have social security benefits but pays the same tax as you. They do not get to retired like us. Also they most likely will never get their permanent residency.

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