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Heard a lot more people at corporate office asked to move to retail jobs. Any info?

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Supply chain employee here, what is going on with the suppy chain leadership up top? Believe several of the most senior leaders have left or "retired" recently. Is the new ceo getting his buddies where he wants them or are they realizing they don't need so many chiefs ?

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Sad that a company can go just in a few years from a place from where anyone in the grocery retail business longed to be employed at, to one that has only the interests of Hollywood, football stars, race car drivers, etc in mind.....customer's be damned.

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Yes,I heard the company formed teams from corporate employees to go into the stores and help stock and work in the stores in different departments.Maybe some just forgot where they come from.

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The chaos continues.
Randy, please stop with rearranging the chairs every 3 months.
Do we need 2 territories, no 3, no 2, how about 10?
Need an unnecessary layer of AVPs, no …just kidding.
Congratulations on your new store, buy a house, be part of the community….just kidding, pack up and move to Minnesota…who cares about your family.
Consistency can be explained by his favorite word “agility” ….which is another way for him to say ….”I have no idea what do”.
Just stop the chaos and get out of the way.

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