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Twitter workers, many of whom I represent, were FINALLY given their "severance agreements" on Saturday.

They are really settlement agreements which SILENCE WORKERS FOR LIFE and and require them to give up important legal rights.

Let's discuss. 1/
First, any worker who wants to bring a claim, for Twitter's broken promises, discrimination, fraud etc. (the claims we are filing), SIGNS AWAY THE RIGHT TO SUE FOREVER under this agreement.

No lawsuit, no arbitration if you sign.

So it's really a settlement agreement. 2/

Under this agreement workers promise not to provide assistance or cooperation to ANYONE with a dispute against Twitter.

If you were a victim of age discrimination, e.g., and are willing to provide truthful info to another victim -- you CAN'T if you sign. Ever. For life.

Attorneys like me for employees are often out there begging folks to just give us truthful information to help our underdog clients. This restriction will severely hamper efforts for workers to get justice against Twitter.

Why is this company so afraid of the truth?

At the same time, workers who sign Twitter's severance agreement promise to assist Twitter in any lawsuit or investigation.

So workers can help Twitter, but not their former colleagues. Again, for LIFE.

Elon Musk, free speech guy, allows workers to speak only to one side.
And the coup de grace: Twitter workers who sign the agreement promise nondisparagement: they may not say anything negative about Twitter, nor its management, nor Elon.



No wonder so many folks are reaching out to me about rejecting this and filing claims.

Every worker can decide what's best for them, but many are rejecting these obnoxious terms.

Good summary of what's happening here.

My DMs are open. We are happy to talk to tweeps for free and confidentially, and have an informational Zoom 2pm PT today.

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Keep in mind that if you sign the agreement that if (when) subsequent revelations come out about how Musk and his team botched the layoffs you won't be able to join the lawsuits.

They know more than you do about how much legal liability they face and they're trying to buy you off for cheap.

Don't sign, organize

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Just a reminder that if you accept Twitter's terms for this layoff then that will set a new standard that the next company that you are laid off from will follow.

Stand up for yourself, your friends, significant others, your class. Don't sign away your rights for peanuts. Play the long game

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If these people provided some value, maybe they could have kept their jobs. Now they're unfortunate pawns in a baseless, politically motivated, frivolous, meritless lawsuit.

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Sharks are in the water they smell the blood of Gen Z! Crippled by anxiety they know they cannot make a simple decision to sign a severance package so they swoop in to attack! Take the package you id--ts! You will not get a better deal. If the lawyer sharks do get you more guess what they take 60%!

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Sounds like someone looking to make a name for themselves. There really should be a process to limit baseless accusations from bottom dwelling lawyers.

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A month of pay to agree not to sue them?

Absolutely bonkers.

My company's standard severance is 3-12 months depending on longevity with the company.

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