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A question for laid off employees

I'm not sure how many actual Twitter employees (current and former) post here, but if there are some, I'm wondering if you could share if you were able to find a new job yet? And how long did it take you? I know it hasn't been that long since the layoffs but I am curious about how the job market has been treating you.

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Ego musk hasnt been providing charmin off late.
Lot of twitter employees resigned because of that and the remaining left out are struggling to wipe their ....
Hopefully ego musk will understand the situation.

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Former employee here. Search for work has been challenging. I am getting interviews but the expectations are so unrealistic. They expect me to work. Someone will actually be following up with me a "manager". 8 hr days in the office. Come on. I didn't even get to the afternoon naps I figured why bother. I mean how am I supposed to have time to see my therapist.

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I've been trying but sitting in a cube doing nothing except censoring dissenting opinions isn't highly valued.

It's hard to find companies that don't require 40 hours of work, showing up on time and basic hygiene. The last place interviewed didn't even have free Starbucks lattes.

I'm thinking about paid protesting.

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