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Accountability reveals truth!

This needs a thread...

If you’ve done nothing wrong then no need for a meltdown. Mid mgmt is corrupt and employees especially those that have had real life experiences with mid mgmt abuse, need to have a safe place to tell truth. Layoff of thousands of employees over the years and the patterns are the same? Is not fake
SEC and DOJ want tips to investigate. If you’ve done nothing wrong then nothing to worry about.

Every publicly traded company is required to follow SEC regs. Every middle mgmt person given responsibility in every publicly traded company that violates regs is taking advantage and harming that company. Investors, customers and employees are protected. If you don’t respect the rule of law then, they have ways of teaching individuals that use their positions to harm employees. There is a code of ethics that is required. If you have a problem with that then, you are the problem.

Accountability and weak internal control procedures were mentioned by an SEC investigator in a recent article as was his name and position. He is based in DC.

In simple terms. You don’t get to do what you because you think you can. You are responsible for your own actions. Oracle should prosecute every individual and not keep throwing hindrefs of millions to govt agencies because that individual makes their own choices which are harming Oracle and every board member .
There are questions why Oracle needs so much cash. Answers are easy to find. Articles are written often

If you think corruption, SEC, middle mgmt etc is fake fake fake then you have a problem with truth. Truth can be found by following the money, timelines and USPTO public postings. Accountability reveals truth.

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The Briefing
Image By Jessica E. Lessin
January 24, 2023
Over my career as a tech reporter, regulators have sued or threatened to sue Google for exerting monopoly power in its ads business so many times it’s hard to keep track.
Today the U.S. Department of Justice and eight states filed the fifth challenge by U.S. officials against the company, building on a case several states filed back in 2020.
This one is a doozy and I don’t recommend wading in unless you are familiar with the intricacies of header bidding and DSPs and a bunch of very technical ad-targeting practices that were a significant and bleeding-edge part of the digital economy back in the day and are now, well, meh. While Google’s display ad business has grown, any publisher that is heavily dependent on it is no longer in business—or won’t be much longer.
But that doesn’t mean this case isn’t important. And I do believe the government and the states have a pretty strong case against Google. Among the business practices highlighted, the one that seems the shadiest is the total lack of transparency Google provides regarding its display ad marketplace. In just one small example, the government alleges that in some cases Google misled publishers about how much an advertiser was willing to pay for ads on their site, pocketing some undisclosed amount for itself.
As one of my colleagues put it to me this morning, that would sort of be like if Goldman Sachs operated the stock exchange. No, thank you.
Google, of course, denies all of this. It has also offered to spin off this part of its business into a separate Alphabet company. But then again, since Alphabet wholly owns Google, that’s a distinction without a difference.
As with all tech regulation, this will take years and years to sort out. And while I tend to think Google is likely to negotiate some concessions to avoid splitting off the business, I find this one tough to read and I think many outcomes are possible. When it comes to this area of display advertising, there are very few other games in town.
One thing I’m more certain of is that this isn’t the last challenge to a tech ad business we’ll see from regulators. I’m not even sure it’s the most important. Imagine the company selling ads was also directly selling products that competed with those depicted in the ads (Amazon!). Imagine a hardware company that sold ads was letting itself use far more targeting data to sell its ads than it was allowing its rivals to use (Apple!).
I don’t envy regulators here. They are going to have a busy year.

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There is an article & it’s true
Always good to know facts before you react.
I’m not going to spend time searching for something I’ve already read.

Truth will reveal itself eventually.
Whatever has been done or not done is not going to change either way … because of an article. If they investigate and you’ve done nothing wrong what does it matter?
We are all responsible for our own actions.

Things get investigated all the time. Last year, the federal judge in CA re: the securities fraud case with Firemen’s retirement fund did not rule iwithout federal prosecutors investigating. Oracle threw money but did not admit guilt which taking responsiblity matters in criminal court. I think this was civil case but don’t remember but it was then it couid go back to the Feds because it’s fraud but firemen got paid alot from O so couid be over. Never know.

Rarely do they investigate without probable cause. The Feds have a very high % of wins in their cases. It costly to the taxpayers because they do a thorough job and bring in experts .. so offenders are being charged restitution.

Oracle got caught a few months ago buying business from Turkey govt officials This was the 2nd time . First was a few years before.
SEC investigators thaf worked in this were praised to the media by director of foreign investigations and he added in his statement re: Oracle weak internal accounting procedures “company wide”…. Which was a loaded intentional message.
SEC iscivil law and refer criminal activities to DOJ.

This director of foreign affairs is based in DC as was this investigation team. Other major cities have district offices.

You never know who is watching and who you might be working with that might have a relative, a friend or neighbor in one if these govt agencies. Couid be an old college roommate. Big tech corps are high profile right now …they will go
after the individuals in some cases. Have a good friend at Google and a manager that his team got hit in Germany this morning. He found out when he sighed in at 5am. Emotions are tuning
High right now.

People and thief family members talk when people get layed off. Dirt flies fast and individual cases move fast and get alot of attention if they work at high profile company’s. . Investigators with kids in coliege can use an extra bonus right now - case high can move faster and get much publicity because Iof high profile employer. You never know who might s right around the corner or who reads these threads. Govt investigators get rewarded for bringing in good cases.

Be careful how you treat people and before you biast someone. An old college roommate of anyone could be in one of these federal agencies. Never know.

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If there is an article, then post it in this thread.

There is no article.

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I read the article.
Truth reveals itself eventually
Do your own research and fact checking
Deflecting degrading never works.
Accountability & honesty is everything.

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Corruption inside Oracle is very real, but nobody gives a sh-t about it, including the SEC and DOJ. What happens inside Oracle is a tragedy, but the only thing you can do is leave. That's pretty much it. No one is investigating anything.

I read pretty much everything on here, I don't remember any article being posted. Whoever, keep promising articles will come out, but then don't post anything. I don't think anything is really going on here.

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Someone posted the article on this sight a few months ago. You should probably start at 3 months ago and read back through the threads.

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Can you post a link to the recent article you mentioned?

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