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Stop stressing, start applying

The only way you can protect yourself against the coming layoffs is by being prepared and having several options to fall back on if the worst happens. All the energy you're spending stressing over whether you're safe or not would much better be spent working on your resume, applying, and interviewing. Help yourself instead of ruining your mental health.

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One example: there are others nationwide
Huntsville AL is exploding with many new mfg companies various industries that vendors for aerospace & also companies that support Redstone arsenal hiring.
Look in FL, GA, AL, AZ, TX

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"IT is being brought in house in many industries"

Examples? I see the exact opposite

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Be encouraged that smaller companies are hiring. Things are shifting fast in many industries.
IT is being brought in house in many industries in some degree snd there is much outsourcing to consultants for what is needed. You have more options than you think. Don’t let layoffs of Big Tech companies discouraged you. There are places out there that your experience keep in mind that training and learning os ongoing for most everything worth while Be open to the adventure of finding.what you need. There are different areas where jobs can be found.

A good positive attitude will help attract positive leadership. Keep in mind that many former Oracle employees found better situations. If not, then go to plan C.

Ths adventure will probably teach more about yourself and others that will serve you in some way.

Life is full of adjustments. Things are always changing …good or bad. We get to experience both and repeat.not everyone is open to growth so they become bitter. Use what you are going through to make you better. Treat people the way you want to be treated and standup to the bully and fight for what is right. We are not doing the bully or victims any favors if we don’t stand up to abuse….
Growth can make a huge difference in your future.

If things look bad, now cheer up because good things are ahead for you. Keep looking up and keep working for what is best for you. Never give up.

Just remember there is not one person at Oracle that can’t be replaced. There are no guarantees for anybody that they will have a job until they retire. Don’t let words or deeds of others get to you. Those that spew negativity and have harmed others will get back what they deserve. Those that are considerate of others, goods things will come

We are all responsible for ourselves and we get to choose how we react. I just to stress that this adventure can be one if the best times in your life, no matter how difficult. I lost a good friend recently to su----e. He lost his way and would not ask for help and now many are left suffering.

Iron attracts iron. Be strong be positive be courageous and work on a plan B snd C . Now is the time to find the job you’ve always wanted.

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I think most of us are looking for something else, but it's nice to have a place where we can vent

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