Thread regarding Bed Bath & Beyond layoffs

Is there severance with a confidentiality agreement?

Not asking specifics but the vibe that is not being mentioned is that a few can't answer. Is there a confidentiality agreement involved and that is why no one with a business sense has mentioned anything about this question

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The question remains. If Bloodbath is too poor to pay any vendors or Chase, why would they hire a lawyer to go after you for an NDA?

How would they pay them? Gift cards?

And with all this news getting Leaked one way or the other, how would they trace a source. Are they going to take away a severance they can't afford to pay in the first place? There is all this cr-p on reddit about NON PUBLIC INFO and they are the ones doing the leaking in NJ!

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Severance is as follows:
1 basket.
1 minute.
Grab all you can of made in China stuff.
Then good luck, have a nice life.

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If I didn't get severance or closing bonus, I would drop my keys and head for the door. No way in he-l would I be closing this shitshow for no severance. How will they retain associates until stores are closed? There are jobs out their folks----run!

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Dude, sorry to be the one to break this to you, but there is no severance. Even those promised it are being stiffed.

Our store got its death papers Thursday and nobody got severance. Not even our SM who has been with this company over 25 years!

It's every man for himself. Welcome to American capitalism.

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If you were laid off on 1/10 and signed a severance package you are legally not allowed to speak or sue the company.
The company is not honoring the severance packages for most employees currently. They have not paid the severance promised. They delayed payment to cobra which is causing a delay in coverage for medical and prescriptions.
If still employed-RUN DONT WALK...there will be no severance!!!!!

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