Thread regarding Konica Minolta layoffs

Nothing ever changes here, does it?

Never any comments here as the fear of God has been created to keep everyone silent. Well, then you get what you deserve.
I know what this place is all about. And, i have nothing good to say about it.

Run and do calls, be a good little soldier, and never question anything.

See where that gets you. Betting its not where you wanna be. For the few that still have ethics here, its time to pack up. 💼

Understatement of the year.

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Everyone is scared to death by management that they are gonna get fired and loose all their benefits.

Some people fight for what they believe in. Regardless of the outcome.

You might want to remember that…..

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Chicago is by far the most corrupt branch office in konica minolta.

Condescending attitudes and threats. They have to be in a secure building as I’m sure they have had people go nuts on them. They caused All of this, by giving a holier than thou attitude to all the employees.

It is interesting so see people flee to get as far away from the branch office as possible, in the fallacy of believing that Chicago corrupt management will actually leave them alone.

I pity all of you who stay in this conceited arrogance, and bow to their demands. You are allowing them to do this to everyone.

Not sure who is actually worse. Them, or You by allowing this to happen, and not calling them out on it.

I have never met more out of touch dictators than in this poor example of management.

But its easier just to label me as a disgruntled ex employee, than to face up to the issues that are blatantly existing here.

Think about it. Eventually i will make sense to even the stubborn ones.

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