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Expect major layoffs

The layoffs will be directly tied to the continuing decline of satellite. After next year, look for a serious break up to part ways with that side of the business, which means layoffs galore. Keep looking for other jobs. The TOG buy in was to polish it and aggressively break it up to sell. I don’t know why people can’t get their heads out of the sand and look at this rationally.

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There was a 5 yr projection, I believe, once the Death Star sold off the majority to TPG. TPG is looking to turn a profit on the buy in a sell off. This has been known, and all the rah rah disingenuous “we’re so great and a family” is absurd. Do ppl
not know about Morrow’s background and WHY he gets the positions he gets? He’s a hatchet man. They’ll operate beyond lean to look profitable. It’s smoke and mirrors. People SHOULD be looking for other jobs, especially by the end of this critical year (2023). Being upset about what is simply business as usual in the corporate world and demonizing management, ExCo, etc is a waste of energy. It is and always has been about the bottom
line. That’s business. People need to grow up.

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Hi I worked for Directv before it was bought out and after we merge with AT&T for almost 5 yrs before we got laid off. I have friends still employed there and they are getting done with there jobs almost every day by 1pm and on weekends by 12p. From experience going through the roller coaster not knowing what’s going to happen, if ur at the bottom 5 in seniority list please start heavily looking for a new career specially if ur in your 30’s, you don’t want to end up being in your early 40’s or mid 40’s and get laid off because then it’s going to b harder to find a better job unless u don’t mind being over the road driving trucks!! Please do yourself a solid and look for something better because ones they get rid of nfl ticket that’s going to b it for the last 10 or 5 in seniority list!!

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