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True disaster of a company

Nepotism- elitism- for one big joke

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I agree with all. I laugh now after leaving. Ppl there act like they're the only one doing security products, it's like everyone is on something and all jacked up. The mgmt there are the worst of any tech company I've ever worked at. The job I did could've been done by an intern. ODS folks act like they're high and mighty. They're legit not managing and program managers. They're a step and fetch it for a customer who does most of the legwork. PS seems to be a complete disaster. AE Mgmt read from scripts. No lie. Legit listened to some dude read to 10 people at a customer from a script. Customer Success staff could be cut in half. Their entire mgmt team are SO confused as to what they even want to do with them. The roles seem to be half-sales, half secretary. Gary is a b-m. He has literally done nothing but visit customers and fly around jett setting. It's funny...people before layoff were like "he seems like a really great leader..." after layoff, "sc-mbag". Splunk is just about the bottom barrell for how a tech company should be run and how it should run. I am embarrassed to say I worked there. The last place I was at was light years ahead of them. They seem to cloud things with all the swag, constant barrage of messaging. Oh my God. the d-mba$$ managers I worked for , they'd create tons of slack channels. it was like they had no friends. One guy was soooo creepy. I wish I knew what the inside is like. It's a joke. I actually pray they don't get purchased so they can get beaten down by better products that are cheaper. They do not deserve to be part of a great company.

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No worries the company will be sold to private equity firm this years, it's where has been companies go to die.

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