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Never stop looking for new opportunities

The job market right now is not good in IT. And if your primary work experience the last 10 years or more has been exclusively HP, you’re in an even worse situation UNLESS you have been able to gain significant experience with Cloud. If all you know are PCs and printers, your job opportunities are poor.
You will be well served to look for other jobs now rather than waiting for HP to axe you. You will need the extra runway to find a job, but if you wait until HP WFRs you, it will be even tougher to find a job since employers generally don’t like to hire someone who got layed off by another company. : @1ltg+1ksAL0vL

Great post and even better advice.

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If you get laid off and don’t want to relocate, your job options are limited and your computer experience won’t translate well to most oil and gas jobs in Houston. My advice is to avoid oil and gas because those companies lay off every time the price of oil drops. I knew a husband and wife who were pulling in $300k at O&G companies. Both were laid off during the pandemic. Many companies like Lenovo, Intel, AMD, and Nvidia are hiring HP employees.

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I can assure everyone that the response by @1qbx+1kyIapqk is complete garbage. I've been thru two layoffs in my career, including one from HP, and it is definitely much harder to land a new job if you're currently unemployed than if you already have a job.

AIT companies ARE laying off staff at all levels big time right now. Don't believe it? Check out what's been happening at Oracle, Intel, Teradata, IBM, Twitter, and a whole lot of other companies. And don't forget to include HP in that list. I know of an HP team based in Houston that was completely wiped out in November by a layoff, including the team's director. All members of that team were over age 50.

So @1qbx+1kyIapqk -- Enjoy all that money you're squirrelling away like a miser, because at your age a WFR date may very well be approaching for you. Enjoy the ride while it lasts, just know that it will not last for long.

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And let me counter saying that I know people that have gotten laid off by HP that still are in between jobs and still hunting vs the people that quit on their own terms and landed something (prior to quiting). It's a big difference.

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"employers generally don’t like to hire someone who got laid off by another company"

I call BS on that one.

Quit with the fear mongering. IT opportunities are great right now. I got fired from my last job because of age (over 50) and HP hired me because of my knowledge. Been at HP 7 years now and love it. If I get laid off in this round (survived the other rounds nicely) no big deal because HP is paying me 3X the salary of my old job and I am putting that extra money away.

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