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Be Prepared Not For Layoffs, But Total Liquidation

Dish Network lost 805,000 satellite TV customers last year vs. 595,000 a year prior. It lost nearly 10% of its satellite TV base last year. Those customer ranks stand at only around 8.6 million.

Even a DirecTV merger isn't going to be enough to sustain this industry from falling off a cliff. The "culture war" content being produced by Disney, Paramount, Comcast, and Warner is abysmal and customers aren't just leaving satellite, but they're leaving these companies altogether. Meanwhile, the target advertising demo are too busy watching YouTube to even care. It's every man for himself at this point.

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Hulu will be next to disappear after it's sold off by Disney. Legacy media is obsolete.

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As a former Dish customer I can tell you why. Dish is over priced for what it has to offer. I went from DirecTV to Dish because DirecTV had really bad customer service. Dish was cheaper so I went with them. Then Dish started to raise prices then did not carry NBC for several months (had to get Peacock+ just to watch football games). I then realized I could pay 1/2 price for live TV plus cable channels, all online. Cut the cord on Dish over a year ago. Now enjoying the Hulu bundle for $60 a month with no equipment rental fees and I can cancel at anytime with no penalty. I was paying over $180 a month with Dish for less than what I am getting now.

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