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Any news about Romania?

Hi all, I just wanted to ask if there is any specific news for Romania, regarding:
Remote roles (what is on the table for us, if this is country-specific by any chance, or is something just for a few people, or is it at department level regardless of country of residence, etc.)
In case some collective layoffs will be heading our way, what is the specific compensation/severance package for Romania? Is it related to seniority in the company/on the job, is it related to previous evaluations, or any other hint? Or even worse - is it a compensation package or they are just waiting for us to leave voluntarily to save themselves some money?

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hi there, past experience, retrenchment is always dept level. like certain products not doing well, etc. They will cut accordingly, its always the same order. product engr, sustaining, services, so if u see prod engr being cut, start the timer, +1 year, +1 year.

If in a support ctr, then it could be country wide, i.e. they just say "the centre has closed, ur job has moved, u can take 1 mth to find another position" (of cos, usually u cant find).
as for severance, std. whatever the country laws allow the company to get away with, they will do it. ORCL is abt $. if country laws say retrenchment just requires 1 mth notice, they will tell u 1 mth in advance, and after 1 mth, they owe u nothing. If the laws say 1mth 2wk(s), capped at 6mths, they will do that. so on and so forth.

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there is no severance package for Romanian employees

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