Thread regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs

For you my dear Ex

Once a leader of our team,
Now the bearer of bad news it seems.
Your actions have caused pain and strife,
Yet we must move on with life.

You may have thought it was best,
To let go of a valuable asset.
But know that your decision had an impact,
On someone's livelihood and future path.

May this layoff be a chance,
To find new opportunities and advance.
In the end, we'll all move forward,
And leave this hardship in the past secured.

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Lots of layoffs also across JAPAC and more likely to come.

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When life seems to take a turn,...

Nicely done.
Here is too all of the folks who got caught up in a RIF. May you all land on your feet and move onto bigger better things.

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When life seems to take a turn,
And you're faced with a layoff stern,
Take heart and find the fire within,
For this is where your journey begins.

The road ahead may seem unclear,
But keep moving, without fear,
For every setback is an opportunity,
To rise higher and find your true identity.

Don't let this phase bring you down,
For with every ending comes a new dawn,
A chance to dream bigger and better,
And to turn your passion into a career.

So take a deep breath, and stand tall,
Embrace the challenge, and give it your all,
For the greatest triumphs come from adversity,
And with persistence, you will find prosperity.

Remember that this is just a chapter,
In the story of your life's grandeur,
And with hard work and determination,
You'll find success beyond imagination.

So don't let a layoff defeat you,
Let it inspire and motivate you,
To chase your dreams with renewed vigor,
And to emerge stronger and wiser.

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i hope if or when i get let go this is all i get from hr or my manager

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