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There are still hard workers here

I wonder why though, since it's obviously wiser to put more energy into looking for a new job than to work yourself to exhaustion here?

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They haven't woken up yet. Can't see the wood for the trees.

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Are current employees just going through the motions?

Hard to believe that Town Hall after Town Hall, setting of goals, realignment of teams are just for show.

The new generation of employees is not looking to stay with the same company for more than a few years.

You work, gain experience and then move on.

Is Nielsen changing their bloated structure to a leaner one? Why is this considered a bad thing? Shame should be on previous leadership that abused their positions.

Having said all that, Nielsen is still full of egotistical managers who are on power trips and have no self awareness; they would fire their own mothers without giving it a second thought. Ethics are lost to them, employees are disposable and every decision is based on what they will gain from it. Be careful of these managers.

You also have the managers that believe that everything that is happening is positive and they will try to sell the extra work and no merit increases as a good thing. Feel sorry for these managers, they do care for their employees but are afraid to challenge what is happening. They are easily conned and while they can see why employees lose faith in the company and have low morale, they will allow to continue.

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i’m still here because i can’t switch my health insurance for a while yet, i am in the middle of specific treatments. we’re not all losers. we are stuck but understand we need to leave as soon as we can.

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The only people who are here are the ones who can't find another job. Only losers will stay.

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Company realizes that some employees will continue giving 100% effort to their job; these are the so called kool-aide drinkers.

Higher ups will make a ki-ling, dedicated workers will loose family and friends as they allow the job to ruin there lives.

If you are a people leader or a person that others see as leader, be honest with your people, stop feeding them these growth and reorganization lies.

Your “flock” will follow your lead; you need to be honest with them and have compassion when they tell you that they cannot handle more work.

Now is the time to prove why you are a people leader, play close attention to what they are telling you and take those concerns to higher management.

Earn your title of Nielsen Leader!

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Sad but true. It’s a correct sentence.

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