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I’m a rep - I made $200k plus last year. I’m on pace to do the same this year. Definitely different world and I miss all of the reps - Obviously not the same beast and the vibe is missing which sucks. Crazy how fast things can change. Not going to say it’s easy because we’re working 5x as much with little support. But when it was good it was really good which makes the current state tough to swallow. I get why people are upset but let’s also remember how great it once was. Had some of the most ridiculous times at our year end meeting that i’ll never forget. We lost some serious talent which really made WB different than everyone else. But hey, you don’t ever have to deal again with margin mgt., collecting $$, being peppered with not making enough calls, #’s down, furniture jobs punch lists, early FDF billings and then getting sh-t for them not paying in time, low gp, sh-t results in a ridiculous contest, charge backs, zero idea of how the commission statement works, hate emails, etc… - I’m pretty sure most are happier now than they were when they were with WB

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I’m a rep and I made $300k last year. You should pound the pavement more step up your numbers b-a. It’s there for the taking b-a. Sounds like you were slacking being told to make more calls and hate emails and down numbers. You seem to have been too worried about fist pumping at shrine in the woods more than making calls.

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