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Fav Avaya Dysfunction Tid Bit? Plz Share!

To begin the 🧵 ---

We have a General Counsel (now ex GC but still C-Suite) who never did any proper 'lawyering', and a selfie 🤳 obsessed personal brand wanna be who is pretending to know lawyering.

The layers of ridiculousness in Avaya land never cease to amaze me.

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All are still real.

Which leads to my fav (or least fav).

Dedication to the Spin! Here we are. Close to the annual group event and the spin is in full gear.

Why does avaya always find money for no show partner events (look at attendence the last 3 mos) and this smoke and mirrors Engage, yet never a penny for product evolution? The worst of it is those in channel marketing and sales who act like they are a success story just because they know how to blow the money to drive zero ROI??!!??!

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Really feel.for the great talent lost today.
Best to everyone.

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Let me place my fake eyelashes and hair extensions in first. I need those think.

Ok. Ready.

Let's just compliment Zoom and somehow that justified my Avaya paycheck?

Got it! Problem solved!

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Avaya Dysfunction Tid Bit?

I'd say the over-the-top grandiose celebration in response to gaining approval to go into bankruptcy.
I don't get it.
We are hiding behind bankruptcy protection. We barely met the terms to gain the approval. And now people are acting like we are super successful.

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🙄Look, Ma! I can also read the Privacy Policy (yet I didn't need to, b/c I, as most adults, inherently understand the basic rules of the road. Surprised THE Thought Leader Extraordinare didn't..??)

  1. Disclosure of Log Data

We never sell log data to third parties. Although we strive to preserve the privacy of our visitors, there are situations in which we are faced with the issue of log data disclosure

3.1 Legal Situations
As we are bound by applicable laws, we may disclose log data in order to comply with a legally enforceable subpoena, warrant, court order, or other judicial or administrative order

Thus, it's a snowflake who believes they can use company legal resources to stop their critics. When in fact it's much easier to just stop being ridiculous

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Workers’ right to discuss wages and work conditions with their peers in person or online is protected by NLRA act, so I seriously doubt any court would issue a subpoena for that. Maybe for trading secrets it could, but I’ve seen nothing on these pages that could even remotely fall under that.

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Ha. Don't take it personally. While they are known for being over confident with their stupidity, I trust it was directed at the online John's from the dating app.

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Did she just admit that Marketing uses marketing $$$$ to pay to Subpoena IP Addresses to try to identify their haters?

WOW! Someone please alert the Bankruptcy judge. That is misues of money for a company claiming they don't have enough liquidity to avoid bankruptcy.

Also, maybe they should justbecome real marketers and stop looking like fools.

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No need to subpoena.
I already located that IP Address.

  1. 53.0.9
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I suspect the OG poster was asking us to share stories of dysfunction, not necessarily to SHARE the post! But this is pretty funny, so thank you. I had to ask several people to explain the lawyering comments. If you were like me, you didn't fully understand this post.
I learned

  • Apparently, the Chief Attorney at the time of our CEO's road show to tell the world 'All will be fine' was caught on record saying things like "rumors of bankruptcy are utterly ridiculous'. Not very inline with being an attorney, especially with where we are now
  • The promoter person foolishly posted some sort of 'threat' about getting a subpoena to identify the identity of people who are private on social media. Now that one made my day! I didn't realize it was against the law to be anonymous on social media. In fact they used the word 'internet', not social media. And i don't believe they understand how subpoenas are issued, why they are approved and what in fact they can do once they secure an IP Address. Yet it was comical to learn they thought it was like ordering a pair something online like 'pay us 9.99 and you too can learn the IP Address of anything posted that you don't like'.

There does not appear to be a lot of 'legal eagle' subject matter experts floating around Avaya land these days!

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What did the router say to the doctor? “It hurts when IP.”

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(that indicates they are working with the site to try to get the post removed)


The Aggressive misinformation campaign from mid-August through Nov 30th. How could they be SO bold in communicating "success" then suddenly vocalize that bankruptcy is no big deal and never address all of the bold positivity from August -December?

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My favorite about this post is that it has been shared twice (look at upper left hand corner).
For months I've observed that the only posts with shares have a Common Denominator.
Don't know where the "share" goes to. But it is funny to always notice. This one is special. It currently has 2 shares and there are no comments That's odd. I guess it's a Super-Sharer post!

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