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NetApp hiring interns everywhere

Intern - HW
Intern - Accounting
Intern - Marketing
Intern - Data Science
Inter - Automation

Wow, talk about cost saving...

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@1oer+1lRX54JI you keep posting this same drivel in multiple threads. Love to hear yourself talk?

And it's throes, not throws. No one wants to hear a drooling fool spouting nonsense.

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Agreed the intern and the military programs are just a way to save money and hire basic talent at rock bottom prices. Inters don't have any tribal knowledge, won't innovate, and won't really be able to contribute other than keeping the daily operations afloat. This is a sign of a failing company in it's death throws. It's a big giant dying beast and I feel more sorry for the people that are left and will get the "do more with less" bullsh-t mantra pounded into their heads every five seconds. The stress will be overwhelming and the leadership will fail. The CEO won't be successful in warding off the stock price drop below $60 a share because the Fed keep hiking up interest rates. NetApp also had a majority share of it's money wrapped up in the failed SVB bank. So the writing is on the wall for NetApp. The company will continue to fail until Kurian and most of the current leadership is replaced.

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Keep in mind that many of those positions are not real. Netapp will always have generic intern and new college grad positions listed so that the company looks appealing to new talent.

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Don't feel bitter. Netapp will hire in the future and interns are a way to gauge aptitude and ability ... before they're hired.

Besides, compared to the $400k+ TCO packages of the current crop of rest-and-vest rejects, interns are a bargain.

So, swing and miss. Strike 1. try again

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