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The boat is sinking

It seems like higher ups seem to just say what they want to be heard, and not the truth. Lower lying employees are taken advantage of and the delegation has gotten to the point where even the best employees are completely overwhelmed and exhausted, and feeling unappreciated and starting to look elsewhere [speaking for myself and a few others on my team]. TAM in particular seems to be a revolving door with this company, and leaders fail to acknowledge the boat is sinking as they get onto the life boats.

I think @4syq+1lGNA8q2 hit the nail on the head.

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To the person who asked about the state of the Call Centers, Call Centers are in a state of confusion.

Leadership is weak as previous Managers surrounded themselves with followers instead of Leaders.

Group Leaders and Team Leaders were basically just babysitters and have no idea how to manage a business.

I work in one of the Nielsen Call Centers and I can verify that my Team Leader who makes $60,000 a year has no idea how to manage people or what the business goals are.

Don’t believe me, go ahead and ask them what your completion rate goal is, what your attendance and log time goal is. Ask them what the accept rate of the study should be.

Better yet, ask a Team Leader what their goals are.

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Can we just say that the ship has sunk.

To those that have sold your souls, karma is a bi--h but you don’t care because nothing is more important than yourselves.

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I raid of the top performing employees would seem to be the logical next step.

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What is the fate of the Call Centers? Oldsmar? Dallas? San Antonio? Will they close?

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Moral is at an all time low. Mid-Managers keep trying to spin positives after every TownHall or meeting.

Please stop trying to spin every move as a positive, be truthful to your employees.

Lower level employees don’t care to hear what managers are telling them. There is no job security and eventually even the most loyal employee will lose faith in their managers.

You can already see who will survive the next round of layoffs, look for the people that present cold personalities and zero interest in anyone but themselves.

Let’s have some fun and start a list of potential survivors, who will be voted off the Nielsen island and who will survive.

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Current Nielsen employees are paying for previous Leadership lack of oversight. What previous leaders did to Tam and Call Centers is unforgivable.

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