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See something, say something.

Been at splunk for a while and notice things are going in a certain direction. Kind of in a good way to stop the old guard from abuse. Do yourself a favor. Be a good person. If you’re noticing that you’re being abused or harassed or someone you work closely with is, stick up for them. I’ve got word more layoffs are coming. Splunk doesn’t personally care about you. Gary doesn’t. Do the right thing. Be a human being first….splunker last.

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OP here. I agree with HR. They seem to bow down to upper mgmt and pro note takers. You would think with them already having discrimination cases. I agree with most recent post. Land a better job. And while I’m still at splunk, I’m basically invisible but there are TONS of better places to work. And I’m including small medium big shops. Things have gotten very arrogant and just over the top “we are the best” here. The summits and conf are an absolutely pathetic waste of money. To the tune of something I’ve never seen.

And really. Kibana is open source and as good as splunk. Hahahaha.

At this point the running joke is not if we will break up but when. The SEC thing didn’t help but that’s what you get when you lie to shareholders.

But for real. Be a human being. So much greed here now. Heard one cloud person say “of course I’m never leaving….they’re paying me double what I would make outside…they’re fault for offering me double….” (Laughter ensues).

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HR is useless. They work for top management (read: the employer) and will be at risk of being fired if they don't do whatever the employer tells them to do.

Go interview elsewhere. Promptly. Or, if you go to HR just to put harassment on the record, make sure to put it in writing, bcc your personal email and/or print it out to show the date/time sent as proof and mention if any harassment was status based (racist comments, manager/sup/coworker trashed your religion etc.).

They might offer you a separation package to get you out of there eventually, because now you are a retaliation case risk, but they will wait until some time has passed so it doesn't look like retaliation. Either way, you're leaving.

But HR is ultimately useless. Find a higher paying new job as the best revenge. I quit a toxic place once and literally doubled my pay rate. Joked I don't get out of bed for less than 24 bucks an hour at mimimum. LOL

Go forth! Unemployment rate is low now. Good luck!

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I don’t know who to trust to report harassment. The bullies at Splunk seem to even bully HR.

Where do you think the layoffs would be?

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