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Avaya missed the cloud opportunity years ago

The fact remains, Avaya missed the cloud opportunity years ago. It doesn’t have the technology to compete, its market capitalization shrinks year after year. It’s over and investors and former employees want something back. Let’s bury this dead dog and move on.

Nothing but facts from @peu+1l9h3gY4.

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Avaya got a wonderfull machine named Definity / Communication Manager.
All the solution around the Communication Manager were great (CMS, SM, AEP, AES, ...)
They were the crown jewels. (I loved all those machines - so many great ideas).

The internal architecture of the Commmunication Manager with god, the angels, the archangel, ... was designed in the late 80's and was able to evol to UNIX, IP, VoIP, distributed call centers spread all over the country, etc...

However all thoses solutions were competiting themselves.
None of them got the same administration interface for example.

This solution was the best for voice (VoIP included) but the industry turned to contact center (email,chat, sms, ...)

Avaya never got a clear direction to switch to Contact Center :
They purchased several company, claims this was the next ultimate solution then ... facing so many bugs, Avaya returned to the old Communication Manager...

Avaya was always 5 or 10 years late behind Genesys solutions.

I got a quick look to the cloud solution from Avaya...
I would say the same as before: 5 or 10 years late behind Genesys solutions.
lack of features (No callback - no outbound predictive calls, no Integrated Voice Bot, ...)

Avaya still has a large installed base.
So Avaya should get some revenu for the next 5 to 10 years.
After this... ???
I think it's time to get took over by a pure player cloud company that would like to purchase this installed base.

The Commmunication Manager ? why not making it Open Source ?
it would be the best 'end of life' for this product...
C M is still loved by so many, if it turns Open Source we might transfer this love to some young one that would make it evolve...
If Avaya wait for too long, the Communication Manager will turn to be in the museum... just like Digital Equipment and its VAX/VMS system...
Was the best product but the company was not well managed... The product has disappeared with its company.

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Tell wanna-be Ted Lasso that there is no such thing as
Even though we know he is proud of combining such big words.

And there is never a grammatical justification to compoud them in any version of the English language in any part of the world.

**Ignorant implies a lack of sophistication and education. Uninformed doesn't necessarily mean you are uneducated; you just haven't received a particular piece of information yet"

In this case, Mr. Lasso, you are, in fact, ignorant. "Arrogantly Unsophisticated" in knowledge.

You would never have met the Bell Labs hiring standards 50 years ago, let alone 30. Being a guy who built your career by practicing soundbytes from smart people doesn't qualify you to declare superior knowledge over others.

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Ted is Mr Avaya

Desperate to keep his unimaginable title based on his lack of education and credentials
He believes he is Batman.
And JacK Ryan.
And Ted Lasso

That's called a personality disorder

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Ted's been drinking Alan's KoolAid

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Lots of uninformed ignorance here. Knowing the company's technology and history for thirty years, I can tell you the main difficulty is unleashing the enormous technical advantages they have without catabolizing themselves.
It's more of a logistical problem and some bad management decisions that misguided them.
Their Enterprise Cloud Service is unparalleled and protected by patents that no one can touch or emulate.
It hasn't been an easy transition for Avaya but, in the long run, they will return to profitability and build upon the rich tradition they inherited from Bell Labs.

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You cant become cloud just because everything now becomes a subscription. Thats what happens when you let JC a hardware guy run a software company.

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It is game over.

Yet Avaya leadership needs to be addressed, and most likely charged, for deliberate manipulation and not following the law.

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