Thread regarding Barnes & Noble layoffs

Everyone knew the $25 B&N Membership was a huge ripoff so what do they do now?

Barnes & Noble launches $40 annual membership service. LOL
This company is truly INSANE!

Just shut and lock the doors and go home everyone!

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What did you get when you sold those $25 memberships?

There was some pressure applied at the register & a lot of you would get borderline nasty when I'd decline. Yes. I did point out the amount it took to break even but in a pleasant tone & only when pushed.

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Most loyalty programs are FREE because you have to spend so much to get that $5 or whatever. The $25 was not competitive especially after Amazon took over. I remember realizing this in 2001.
A $40 loyalty program? Good luck.
B&N prices are generally higher than Amazon prices & you can't even justify that you're shopping at an independent bookstore.

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I used to work there & it was a struggle to sell the 25.00 version!

They are out of their minds.
No one has money for the necessities like food & rent, so instead of
issuing a cheaper or free loyalty program, they raise the rate.

Company is as clueless as ever.

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So now you’ll have to hear, “So I’d have to spend $400 here to break even on the membership price?” LOL. Glad I don’t have to sell it anymore!

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People are complaining about paying more for WiFi, Amazon, Netflix, etc.
Only a mo--n wants to pay for this service they'll hardly ever use!

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We’re losing money !
Can’t sell it at $25?
Up the price to $40 !
Brilliant idea !
File this idea under:When you think your customers are id--ts.

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