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Oracle seems to be a follower more than ever, now

Google & others announe cutting higher salaries - and it's like uhhh you mean we can do that? It's like they are so out of touch they forget who pays the bills. The habit of laying off employees is all they seem to know. The rest of the world knows -- you don't get rid of producers. You get rid of the fat. Textbook Business Mgmt 101 (actually it's 301) middle managers are the first to go when downsizing ... you keep your top group, those that BOD's are familiar, decision makers and you keep production ...and kick the lazy corrupt mid mgts that abuse and steal from the real talent to the curb. It's not rocket science. With AI, Mid Mgmt errors and ommissions theivery will come to light.

Perfectly stated, @1fri+1lcxwKzc.

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Can they do that? The answer is yes they can, they have done so and will do so again.

Employment at will is a two way street.

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